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I started my undergraduate studies at Columbia University and completed my BA at Naropa University. I have an MA in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy from The Karuna Institute and Middlesex University and an MA in creative writing from BIU.

Currently, I lead the international two year Authentic Movement Training, co-direct and teach AM and Mindful Communication at Tel Aviv's BIU Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy program, and am a founding member of the Center for Compassionate Mindful Education (CCME).

Following some 10 years of body-based awareness practices (Karate, Hatha Yoga and movement practice) I met my main teacher, the Himalayan Jnanananda. Under his guidance, I dedicated myself to the practice of Raja Yoga meditation. At Naropa University I practiced Mindfulness Meditation and studied Authentic Movement with Zoe Avstreih. My psychotherapy training at the Karuna Institute added depth and breadth to my understanding of the relational field. Over the past few years, I developed the practice of Mindful Communication.  


I was born in 1968 and grew up in Jerusalem.

During my 20' and 30' I lived, traveled and practiced in over 40 countries, spending long periods of time in India and the United States. Today I live with my partner and our two sons in Pardes Hana.

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